Professional Club Fitting

Shaft Flex

Shaft Flex is based primarily on Swing Speed and Tempo.

The proper shaft results in the club head rotating correctly so it is square to the target at impact.

Too stiff  of shaft will cause the ball to fly lower than the preferred trajectory and to the right.

Too Flexible will cause high shots and the ball to fly left.

Ultimately, the Player will try to compensate; then, the incorrect shaft may cause

 the player to hit in any direction, depending on the compensation.

Shaft Load/Tempo

Shaft load is the pressure put on the shaft by the golfer as they reach the top

 of their back swing and begins to bring the club down. It’s an often-overlooked variable

 and is used to determine the strength of the shaft needed.

Grip Size

The correct grip size helps the player control the club and square the face at impact.


Club Length

Club length is vital to assuming the proper posture at address and ensures you stay in balance and swing on plane. Improper length can effect lie angle and force your shots either right or left of target


As a rule of thumb, more loft is better than too little because extra loft creates additional backspin,

which, in turn reduces sidespin. (Especially important in your Woods).

The professional fitter will give you recommendations as to the best lofts for you.

Lie/Loft adjustments are included with the Fitting Fee. Manufacturers Typically have a tolerance level of +/- 2'.

Lie Angle

The correct lie angle rewards the player with a straight shot from a square shot.

Too upright, the ball will start left of your target.

Too flat, will cause the ball to start right of the target.

Swing Weight

Swingweight “defines” the distribution of weight throughout the club.

Some prefer light (more weight is toward the grip end) or heavy (more of the clubs weight is toward the clubhead).

The important thing is each club is matched for swing weight

so each have the same feel whether you are swinging a 5 Iron or a 9 Iron.

Professional Recommendations

Once all the information is gathered, the professional Club Fitter will sit down with you

 and go over the results. You will know which clubs are a fit and which are not.

He will give you recommendations on how to improve your game.


*Often times a retrofit is all that’s required to dramatically improve the degree of Fit

of your golf clubs. The heads of an existing set are rebuilt with new grips

and shafts to bring the clubs to the correct Specifications*

Club Fitting

  • Shaft Flex
  • Grip Size
  • Club Length

  • Lie Angle

  • Swing Weight

  • Recommendations